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Table 1 Tuberculosis vaccine candidates in clinical trials

From: Novel vaccination approaches to prevent tuberculosis in children

Category Vaccine Clinical trial stage Trials in childrena Vaccine Description
Subunit – protein in adjuvant M72/AS01 Phase IIb NCT01098474 (Phase II) Fusion protein (Mtb39a, Mtb32a) in AS01 adjuvant
H1/IC31 Phase IIa   Fusion protein (Ag85B, ESAT-6) in IC31 adjuvant
H4/IC31 Phase II NCT01861730 (Phase I/II) Fusion protein (Ag85B, TB10.4) in IC31 adjuvant
H56/IC31 Phase IIa   Fusion protein (Ag85B, ESAT-6, Rv2660c) in IC31 adjuvant
ID93/GLA-SE Phase I   Fusion protein (Rv3619, Rv1813c, Rv3620c, Rv2608) in GLA-SE adjuvant
Subunit – viral vectors MVA85A Phase IIb NCT00953927 (Phase IIb) Replication-deficient vaccinia Ankara virus expressing Ag85A
Ad5Ag85A    Replication-deficient adenovirus-5 expressing Ag85A
AD35.TB-S   NCT01198366 (Phase II) Replication-defective adenovirus-35 expressing Ag85A, Ag85B, TB10.4
Recombinant BCG rBCG30 Phase I (discontinued)   Recombinant BCG over-expressing Ag85B
VPM1002 Phase IIa NCT01479972 (Phase I) NCT02391415 (Phase IIa) Recombinant BCG deleted of ureC gene and expressing L. monocytogenes LLO
AERAS-422 Phase I (discontinued)   Recombinant BCG expressing Ag85A, Ag85B, Rv3407
Attenuated M. tuberculosis MTBVAC Phase IIa NCT02729571 (Phase I) Live attenuated M. tuberculosis deleted of phoP and fadD26 genes
Inactivated Mycobacteria Dar-901 Phase I   Heat-inactivated Mycobacterium obuense
  1. a Clinical trial identifier as taken from