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Table 1 Characteristics of sampled children under study (N = 97)

From: Measuring accuracy of plethysmography based respiratory rate measurement using pulse oximeter at a tertiary hospital in India

 Age (months)15.3112.32.554
 Gender (M/F)74/23   
Respiratory Diagnosis
 RR oximeter48.4113.32286
 RR reference48.8113.72188
 Bias (Pulse Oximeter –True value@Reference)−0.403.31−1510
 Random Error (SD)13.3   
 RMSD (root mean square deviation)3.31   
Test of agreementCorrelation value UCLLCL
 Pearson Correlation0.970**0.001  
 Concordance correlation coefficient0.976**0.0060.9580.981
 95% limits of agreement (for difference)−0.40(mean)3.3096.084−6.888
  1. UCL upper confidence limit, LCL Lower confidence limit