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Table 2 Suggested schedule of follow up for children on treatment for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis

From: Drug-resistant tuberculosis and advances in the treatment of childhood tuberculosis

All children Baseline Month Ongoing
1 2 3 4 5 6 9 12 15 18  
HIV status            
Toxicity (symptoms, signs)
Height and weight
Colour vision testingb
Chest radiographc          
TB culture and DSTd      
Creatinine and potassiuma      
TSH, free T4 e     
Haematology (FBC)f   
 LFTs, Cholesterol         
 CD4 count and viral load         
  1. DST drug susceptibility test, TSH thyroid stimulating hormone, ECG electrocardiogram, LFTs liver function tests
  2. aMonthly whilst on an injectable and at 6 months following termination of injectable
  3. bIf on ethambutol or linezolid
  4. cIf any pulmonary involvement or at any point if clinically indicated; to be repeated at the end of treatment
  5. dMonthly if old enough to expectorate. If unable to expectorate and initially smear or culture positive, monthly until culture-converted then 3 monthly. If initially smear and culture negative, to perform if clinically indicated
  6. eif on ethionamide, prothionamide or PAS
  7. fif on linezolid or if HIV-positive
  8. gif on bedaquiline or delamanid